Jonathan G of the Cult Information Service.


I would like to acknowledge and thank Jonathan for helping me personalize my story from the start and also must thank him for putting many hours of his time into proof-reading and editing. As well as this, he has been essential in placing this book on the net, enabling me to “get it out there”.  


Les Barkla.


Acknowledgement and thanks also goes to my cousin Les for his assistance with proof reading and for his strong encouragement and belief as I wrote this story.  


Joan Black.


This lady and I met and married in the former cult. We suffered some very tough times together as a result of our cultic lives and are no longer a couple. A friendship remains and I wish to acknowledge Joan for her permission to mention her in this story, and also for encouragement during the writing of it.


Colin and Gladys Black.  


Acknowledgement is given to my parents for encouragement as I wrote the story and I also wish to praise them as they are healing from the damage caused by their own membership in the Worldwide Church of God.


Annette Arndt.


I would like to acknowledge the encouragement and assistance with wording from my friend Annette.  She has known me for over 40 years and yet Annette said she  still learned a lot about me from this story, such was the secrecy in the cult.


Hazel Carter.


During our relationship many years after I left the cult, Hazel expressed a lot of interest in my life in it and I wish to acknowledge her for the idea of writing this book in the first place.


Renate Koehn and Ros Fraser.


These very close and dear friends believe strongly in the healing I am attempting to bring about by the writing of this story and I acknowledge and thank them for that.


My neighbours.


As a group, I want to gratefully acknowledge my wonderful neighbours and friends in Thorneside Queensland where I live for their belief in this book and also for much encouragement as I wrote it.