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We don’t intend to re-invent the enormous amount of work done by others -  we just want to give our callers a jumping off point for their own research.   A link to any of these pages does not imply we endorse or agree with them.  Do your own research!  Form your own opinions!


We are not publishing links to homepages of groups at this stage.  If you are want to know the official site side of any group, feel free to email us and we will forward you the address of the group if we know it.

Any mention of a group on this page does not imply it is a "cult" or "high pressure group" - it just indicates there is information in the public domain about these groups, which may or may not be critical of them.

Types of Links:

General Anti-cult sites:  Australian

Concerned Christians Growth Ministries.  Director, Adrian Van Leen has since 1979 been serving families, the church, and the community in relation to cults, extreme religious fringe groups and other contemporary religious movements. Jan Groenveld, formerly of Brisbane hosted one of the best anti-cult sites anywhere on the web.  Jan passed away in Oct 2002, but the site is now run by Ex-cultworld Magazine in her memory.  In July 2004 the site was undergoing a major re-work. A Sydney-based group.  A Brisbane based group is establishing itself in 2008 

General Anti-cult and Counter-Cult sites: Overseas:
Secular ("anti-cult") sites:
International Cultic Studies Association  and (Formerly the American Family Foundation), seeks to educate and support families as they face cult recruitment experiences together.  Drawing on the experiences of numerous families touched by cults, their input is invaluable.  This site is more intellectual and analytical for those seeking deeper studies. 
Rick Ross - a well known cult commentator has a great archive of articles and
Freedom of Mind Steven Hassan was a member of the Unification Church or "Moonies" for two and a half years.  He became a leader, and was personally close to Sun Myung Moon, the supposed Messiah.  Steven is now the best known exit-counsellor. 
FACTNet  Fight Against Co-ercive Tactics -  A non-profit news source, referral service and archive protecting freedom of mind from harms caused by psychological coercion. 
Trancenet Trancenet is an organisation dedicated to fighting the influence of unhealthy cults and has a regular e-newsletter.
Ex-Cult Archive -  
Cult Avoidance Society - UK

Counter-Cult sites:
Watchman Ministries  is a protestant Christian group with excellent information on a number of cults  
New England Institute of Religious Research  
CARM  Presents and Evangelical Christian position on cults. 

Sites focussing on specific groups:

Revival Centres and churches which have split off from the original founded by Lloyd Longfield in 1950’s:  Extreme pentecostal "not saved unless you speak in tongues"

International Churches of Christ: Kip McKean

Jehovah’s Witnesses  
Amway - some Amway selling organisations fit many of the criteria for being described as a cult.  (Amway themselves are just a manufacturer of products) Due to frequent legal action, the site is often getting shut down and moved offshore to various places around the world. Just type "Amway Untold Story" into your search engine and you’ll find it, or look at Rick Ross’s site above.

Ritual Abuse:

The Little Pebble This site is a great example of an Australian success story in anti-cult work.  If you are thinking about wanting to attack a particular movement in Australia you could follow this site’s model.

Recovery, Therapy and Residential Institutions

Spiritual Abuse  Jeff Vanvonderen has a great message of recovery from spiritual abuse.
General Christian Sites - starting points for orthodox Christianity.
Those coming out of high pressure or fringe christian groups are likely to want to maintain touch with the Christian God.  If you are looking for a regular church to go to, please contact us and we can help narrow down your search, depending on the type of group you are coming out of and where your Christian faith is at.  -  Believers everywhere are communicating  
Please email us if you have any sites to recommend.  Also, we would appreciate it if you find any of these links are out of date or non-functioning.


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(* Available from Koorong books, Wollongabba, others from American Book Store, Elizabeth St.)


Goldberg, L., and Goldberg, W.,  1982. "Groupwork With Former Cultists", Social Work, March 165-170. 
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This website carries information of a general nature only and is no substitute for professional counselling.