Welcome to Cult Information Service

We are a group of ordinary Brisbane people, who have experienced cult or destructive group involvement first hand, or have a particular interest in this phenomenon.

The Cult Information Service has the following goals:
  • Provide, free of charge, an information service by phone for members (or supporters or members) of unhealthy groups.
  • Make known that we are here to help the people of Brisbane, particularly students at the University of Queensland, QUT and other tertiary institutions.
  • Provide support groups, conferences and seminars.
We are available to provide speakers for schools and interested groups.

We refer people for counselling.

Downloadable Booklet can be distributed free of charge complete as is, in this format, so long as source is acknowledged.

Outline of Queensland legislation applying to cults can be downloaded here.

We are an independent ministry, aligned with mainline protestant denominations. The phone volunteers, the webmaster and other supporters donate their time and resources. Opinions expressed in this website are not necessarily those of the webmaster, or any individual associated with our group or our related churches, Universities or community organisations.

Any mention in this website of any group does not specifically imply it is a "cult" - but that some observers have described it as a c ult, or as displaying some characteristics of a "cult". The word is unfortunately sensationalised in the media. If any organsiation takes offence at anything we say on this site, please email us info@cultinfo.net and we are only too happy to enter into a correspondence with you.